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How To Make A Podcast & Do it Long Term, Ignite The Spark Within Podcast is Live!!!!

March 02, 2023 California Cal Season 3 Episode 9
Damn Dude Podcast
How To Make A Podcast & Do it Long Term, Ignite The Spark Within Podcast is Live!!!!
Show Notes

Welcome to the Damn Dude Podcast!!
This is Season 3, Episode 9!

Ignite The Spark Within Podcast is Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Direct Link to Ignite The Spark Within:

- Living Beyond Your Death
- Life Updates
- Psilocybin Ceremony with Family
- Mobbin' Through the Snow
- Helping Others, and the Ripple Effect
- Shoulder and Wrist Update

How To Make a Podcast!

- Here are all the Steps I've Learned and Observed over time Required to Start a Podcast, and to do it Long Term!
- Giving Back, Creating a Ripple Effect.
- Everything From Creating your "Why", to The Exact Steps from Picking a Name, Theme, Schedule, and Discovering If You Should Even Start a Podcast at all!
- How To Make Timeless Episodes.
- How To Make Episodes that Are Not Timeless and Have an Expiration Date.
- Shirt Form vs Long Form
- Stats, If You can make it to Episode 38!!!!!!!
- Choosing Real and Authentic over Trending Topics.
The Stages:
- Maybe, Closer to Carrying Through, Danger Zone, Extra Danger Zone, W've Got Lift Off, Full Flight!
- "Ebbs and Flows" And How Much I Wasn't Prepared!

Remember to say 3 things you're Grateful for every morning and every night!

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Daaaaaaamn Duuuuuude!!!!!
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